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Simoun Picspam (Episode 22 Tribute)

Sorry for the non-icon post. I have something else to post today: A picture spam. This might be a one-time-only thing or I might end up making another one sometime, I have no idea. This picspam is a tribute to one of my favorite episodes (22) of my favorite anime (Simoun), which stars what has possibly been my favorite fictional couple for around a year now (AnubitufxGuragief). I'll post my ramblings about the picspam and the pictures themselves under a cut.

Warnings: SPOILERS up through episode 22 of Simoun, lots of images, and I'll put a warning for Boy's Love here even though this particular episode doesn't quite have it.

Notes: The post is not meant to be a comprehensive summary of the episode, just an AnuGura tribute, so I've only included the scenes revolving around their storyline in this episode. Even then some of the scenes were a bit summarized, so I hope it all makes sense. Also, although I own the DVDs I decided to use the Simoun-Fans fansubs for the quotes.

NOTE about using these images: I screencapped, resized, and edited the coloring of these pictures myself, so I would like it if nobody used these to make graphics--HOWEVER, if anybody wants to make icons and such out of any of the screencaps, I can provide the original uncolored caps, so just ask. I can also make icons out of these myself if anybody wants, as long as not too many are requested. :) (By the way, the stitched-together image near the end was stitched together by me).

As a final note, feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. :) Enjoy.

(Our story starts near the beginning of this episode, right after a battle has just taken place...)

Anubituf: Guragief.
Guragief: Yes?
Anubituf: Your quarters, please.
Guragief: What?

Guragief: Well?
Anubituf: …
Guragief: What’s going on?

Guragief: The Defense Minister? Anubituf, what is the meaning of this?

Anubituf: The simile which was carrying Sibylla Mamiina’s body…has not returned.
Guragief: Are you serious? …Then, what of Sibylla Mamiina’s body?
Anubituf: …

Defense Minister: Guragief, we have no time for such trivial matters. The situation is already—
Guragief: Did you just say that Sibylla Mamiina’s body is a trivial matter? Minister, did I really just hear you say that?
Anubituf: Guragief. You are not to inform the Sibylla of this situation.

Guragief: Anubituf! You too?
Anubituf: The appearance of the Simoun among the Argentine forces today…was a show of force, to prove to us that they can attack whenever they please. And that really is what they’re capable of doing.


Guragief: I never thought that you would keep something secret from me.
Anubituf: Neither did I.

Guragief: I just don’t understand what you want anymore!

Anubituf: What I want, eh?


Wauf: The Arcus Prima is so big!
Anubituf: Yes. To think that the Arcus Niger, a ship of the same class, has gone down. It’s shocking. Almost unbelievable.
Wauf: Yes, indeed. It’s almost as hard to believe as you and Guragief fighting with each other!

Anubituf: You’re aware of that?
Wauf: You both have strong feelings…that you’re unwilling to concede.

Anubituf: Guragief is…too earnest.
Wauf: Yes, he sure can be. It’s a shame that you both decided to be men.
Anubituf: …!
Wauf: Anubituf, you should patch things up with Guragief as quickly as you can. You never know when your time will be up.

Anubituf: Yes.

-An emergency alarm sounds-

Anubituf: I have to get back to the ship!

Anubituf: Cast off the moorings!
Guragief: …

Anubituf: Situation report!
Crew: Seven o’clock high! Five ancient Simoun approaching! Eleven o’clock level, several Argentine medium fighters!

Defense Minister (offscreen): What are you waiting for, Anubituf? Order Chor Tempest to sortie! The enemy is almost upon us!
Guragief: Captain?
Anubituf: Ignore him.

Anubituf: Send word for the sibyllae to stand by on the port flight deck. I’ll give their orders to them in person.
Crew: Yes sir!
Anubituf: Guragief, I need to ask you to take over here.
Guragief: …?!

Anubituf: The Arcus Prima will be the second wave of our attack. I’ll leave you to direct our offensive from above.

Guragief: Understood.

Defense Minister: What are you doing? Go! Fly!
Paraietta: Our orders are to stand by on the port flight deck.
Defense Minister: What in the world? Damn that Anubituf! What is that sly bastard plotting? Standing by at a time like this!
Floe: That geezer is so freakin’ annoying!
Anubituf (offscreen): Sorry for making you wait, Sibyllae.

Aaeru: Wait, are you…!

Anubituf: Surprised? Even though it may not look like it, I used to be a sibylla, just like all of you.

Paraietta: Then you’re going to fly a simile?
Anubituf: Yes. We have only five Simoun with which to intercept the enemy attack. I shall fly a Simile, and issue orders directly to you all from the sky.

Anubituf: Sibyllae, a word if you please. We have dragged you into this war…and that must come to an end. I very much regret that we have not been able to do so.

Anubituf: We are drastically outnumbered. We shall pull them towards us as much as we can, dive rapidly, and then hit them hard. The course of the battle will be decided by this first attack!

Anubituf: Here we go!

Guragief: All batteries, fire at will!

Floe: They’re running away! Go to hell, suckers! Right?
Alti: Right.

Crew: The Captain’s simile, approaching!
Guragief: All hands, salute!

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